If you are interested in Radio Control Flying, come out to our Club Field for an in person spectator experience, or for hands-on RC Flying! On the weekends, Club Instructors are normally available to answer any questions that you might have. You may even be able to fly a Trainer Aircraft with the help of a Club Instructor, and get the experience of a lifetime! Getting involved in this exciting hobby usually begins with a lot of technical questions about parts, engines, plane types, safety procedures, etc. If you are planning to buy Radio Control Equipment, we strongly urge you to stop by our Flying Field or attend a Club Meeting FIRST, so that you can benefit from the many years of experience of our Club Members, before you invest a lot of money in the wrong equipment.  NOTE: Anyone can join by visiting RC Hobbies in Lacey (On Martin Way) and sign up at the store - however the person must have a valid AMA card before they can join.


  1. Applicants must hold a current membership card in the Academy of Model Aeronautics. To get your membership, go to http://www.modelaircraft.org

  2. Applicants must complete a TCMAA Membership Application. Click Here for a Downloadable Membership Application. (51 kb)

  3. All new members must attend a club meeting, held monthly at the Lacey Izzy Pizza on the corner of Lilly Rd. and Pacific Ave Please ensure to bring your completed Membership Application with you.

  4. Upon acceptance, applicants must pay $50.00 annual dues.


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