IMPORTANT: (All new members must complete this program before flying solo)


Phase One:

1. Aircraft Flight Control Familiarization

Take student's aircraft up three mistakes high and trim so aircraft will fly straight and level at a moderate throttle setting.

  • After familiarizing the student with the controls, turn control of the aircraft to the student.
  • Do race track ovals, teaching wide left and right turns holding altitude.
  • Teach gentle pressuring of the controls, watching how the airplane reacts.
  • Keep the aircraft at a constant altitude through left and right circles, coordinating aileron and elevator inputting.
  • Introduce the student to turns using the rudder.

2. Aircraft Flight Control Coordination Maneuvers

  • Do Figure 8’s keeping altitude constant
  • Introduce use of throttle, demonstrating altitude control with both throttle and elevator

3. Ground Reference Maneuvers

  • Keep aircraft on far side of runway. No flying over pits, parking area, or freeway.
  • Using objects on ground as references, have student fly a pattern.

4. Slow Flight Characteristics

  • Fly just above stall speed doing left and right 90 degree turns
  • Practice Stall and Recover
  • Review use of throttle

5. Flat Figure Eight's

  • Start turn with Rudder and apply opposite Aileron to keep wings level and Elevator to maintain constant altitude.
Move to Phase Two when student has mastered sense of direction and does not mix leftand right inputs with aircraft approaching or leaving.


Phase Two:

6. Landing Approaches

  • Practice approaches at 100 foot altitude, lined up with center of runway
  • Teach proper go-a-rounds after missed approaches
  • Do lower approaches as confidence and technique improve.

7. Landings

When ready Go For It!

  • After several successful landings, do a ‘dead stick’ landing, taking student to altitude, cut throttle to idle, land not using throttle.

Phase Three:

Solo Certification Requirements

  1. Take Off
  2. Procedure Turn
  3. Straight Flight Back, parallel to runway
  4. 180 Degree turn while holding altitude
  5. Flat Figure 8 wile holding altitude
  6. One Inside Loop
  7. One Roll
  8. Stall and Recover from level flight
  9. Touch and Go
  10. Landing


At no time shall the student fly behind the flight line.

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